School Transport:

To save Your child from scorching heat, shivering cold and torrential rain, the school provides its own conveyance by charging nominal rates only.

School Uniform:

All the students are expected to Wear summer and winter uniform as per the policy laid down by the school authorities, School uniform is an essential part of discipline and complaince of which is the responsibility of all parents . The school uniform must be worn properly by the students throughout the time they are in school.

Smart Class:

Smartclass is a digital initiative of Educomp, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology.

Computer Education:

In order to inculcate an interest and desire for the latest technology the computer education has been introduced from KG onwards. All children are given opportunity to work at the computers.

Moral Education:

Special arrangements have been made in the school to impart moral education to the students. Our aim is to make the students a forward looking community with their feet grounded firmly on the earth of traditional wisdom. We teach students to respect human and family values. We are always motivated with the ideals propounded by our founder Late Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Ji who was a great national leader.

Environment Awareness:

We also try to make students aware of the impotance of healthy environment. To achieve the aim, We bring our students as close to nature as possible.The students are motivated to first plant the trees and then look after them. That is why a number of trees exist in our school campus. The awareness helps the students to develop virtues like compassion, truthfulness patience, sincerity and love for hard work. Otherwise also, the Supreme Court of India, in its recent verdict has made the environment education necessary in schools and colleges.

Physical Training:

Sports and games refine one’s attitude and behaviour and make us disciplined. Adequate arrangements have been made under the able guidance of a qualified and experienced sports instructor. The students are trained in cricket, foolball, hockey, badminton and other sports in addition to other day to day activities.

Summer Camps/ Workshops:

During summer vacation students are encouraged to learn creative works like drawing, painting, dances, cooking, yoga & aerobics in the camps under the guidance of well known experts.

Educational Tours:

Trips & Tours to nearby places of educational interest are arranged by the school. The school arranges those tours to make the students aware about our culture & traditions.

Future Plans:

Multipurpose Hall having a seating capacity 600 persons and sports room for indoor games.

Instructions to the Parents:


Parents are expected to cooperate and take keen interest in their wards progress and conduct in the school.


Annual charges are to be paid yearly at the time of admission.


Fees and dues are received from 1st to 20th every month, those who fail to pay by 20th will be fined Rs. 20/-.


Dues once paid are not refundable.


Students leaving the school must inform the principal in writing and get the required school leaving certificate.


No students will be allowed to sit in the examination without clearing the dues if any.


Any damage done in the class or in the premises will have to be made good by the parents of the child.


Students who are absent from school without permission even for one day are required to bring a leave application duly signed by the parents/guardians.


Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during regular school hours without the written permission of the principal.


Parents are requested to send their wards in proper, prescribed neat and clean well dressed uniform and polished shoes.


The school managing committee/principal reserves the right to expel any students on the basis of misconduct/grave indiscipline. Such decision will be final and binding.


Participation in sports, games, social, culture activities and functions is compulsory for all the students of school except on extreme medical or rare genuine grounds.


Students are not permitted to bring mobiles, video games, magazines, comics or any other objectionable literature. They are also not allowed to wear gold ornament, jewellery and bring costly articles in the school.


In all the matters not covered under the rules given in the prospectus, the decision of the Managing Committee/Principal will be final and binding.

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